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Montessori The Place to Grow is a community based Montessori school located in a beautiful historic building in downtown Chatham.

At it’s inception in 1998, Jennifer Allen began the school in order to best educate her own children. She purchased the building in January of 1999 as the need for more space grew.

Throughout the years, the school has seen many students grow. Montessori the Place to Grow continues to flourish today with approximately 50 students. We educate children in two programs: Toddler and Casa.

A Parent Review

Dear Melissa and Montessori Staff,

I just wanted to write a little note to let you and your staff know how much we appreciate the job you do everyday with our children. We recently had the privilege of touring the Montessori school in London. We were thoroughly impressed by the Montessori program that London is offering. But what is more impressive and so very important, as a Montessori family moving forward to the next chapter of our children’s academic careers, is how much your school has prepared our little Niko and Sambhavi to successfully transition into a new Montessori environment. Thank you for holding your program and school to the highest of standards. This has allowed Kanna and I to feel completely comfortable with enrolling both children into the next Montessori levels. It is difficult to express how much easier you have made this otherwise profound decision (our children’s next educational steps). We truly feel that they will receive an enriching educational and life experience. It is because of your tireless efforts to promote and instill the Montessori philosophy, in education, in character and life skill building, etc., that they are so well prepared to continue on in the Montessori world and truly flourish in that educational model and environment. They will receive and be open to a “forever love of learning” because you and your wonderful staff were there to guide them and to allow them to be themselves in their most formative years.

I must share with you that we toured four schools in the London area. Some were private, some public, some language schools, etc. It was apparent and noticeable the difference that the Montessori environment provided right away. I must also tell you that we were poised to enter them into a full French school. We have always felt that a second language would be most beneficial ¬¬¬for their continuingeducation, but we could not find Montessori’s equal in the academic/philosophy/learning opportunities at any of the other schools. We are happy and proud to inform you that the London Montessori Academy will be where Sambhavi and Niko continue their educational journey and we hope that it will be their forever school for the next 8 years. It was your love of the philosophy and execution of it everyday in class, that allowed us to see the importance of a Montessori education.

This email is meant to sing your praises! You all deserve it! Thank you so very much for embracing our family and allowing us to be a part of this very special Montessori world! Our children’s future will forever be bright because of the wonderful start you gave them.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Stephanie and Kanna